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  • PrestaShop 1.7 add new dimension to combination

    PrestaShop 1.7 is fantastic and combination of their own made framework with symfony 2.8. Recently, i was working on one of the client's project and i need to submit falets to Fedex S(...)

  • PrestaShop 1.7 template variables

    PrestaShop 1.7 is launched just last week. PrestaShop theme & module developer needs to use template variables.  Here is the list, {$urls.img_ps_url}(...)

  • Opencart show third level categories in dropdown menu

    Opencart is obviously a good platform to work on. It provides great level of flexibility while you are working with its customization by adoption Modul, View and Controller (MVC) standard(...)

  • Magento get Product Price on Category Listing Page

    There may be a need of fetching product price on product listing. There may be a countless reason behind it, however mine was to show Call for Price button if product price is 0.

  • Buddypress Redirect User to Profile Page If Logged In user tries to reach homepage

    Condition: If buddypress registration page is your homepage and if user is logged in and try to reach homepage, the current action will redirect user to member directory. To prevent this,(...)

  • Joomla - Cannot login into admin

    Recently i faced some serious trouble in joomla to not to be able to login as administrator after moving site from one server to other server. I wasn't showing any error after adding wrong user(...)

  • Smarty PHP category tree using php function

    Recently i was trying to create category tree using php function and assign function into variable. You need to have id_parent  or parent category id to achie(...)

  • SSL Certificate Not working with GTMETRIX or Giving Error on “err_cert_authority_invalid” on mobile chrome only

    SSL cert “err_cert_authority_invalid” on mobile chrome only Using CentOs you may see this error in your android chrome browser or you may try analyzing your website on gtmetri(...)

  • php – assign php function in .tpl file

    how to assign a php function in a .tpl file? suppose your function is this function random_num($n=10) { return(...)

  • How to change media uploader path in wordpress 3.5 & later

    The above question would come into many wordpress users mind and i am receiving inquiries for this, thus i decided to put this as discussion forum. The older version of wordpress was easi(...)

  • Prestashop Check If Logged In User is Admin in Backend

    When we are customizing prestashop up to greater extend, we forget to put some small codes and it leads to major security bugs. I have received few queries in the past regarding such issues where p(...)

  • Prestashop Add New Tab On Create Product Page in Prestashop Admin

    Prestashop is a rich shopping cart and easy to customize. If you are developing a prestashop module or tring to develop some customize functionality, you would need to assign an additional tab at p(...)

  • Wordpress Change From Email Address Received in email

    There are many things in wordpress that really creates complexity for user to customize the facility. Yes, truly wordpress has lots of plugin available but too much use of plugin makes wordpress an(...)

  • Completely Remove Wordpress Admin Bar From Frontend

    Removing wordpress admin bar from frontend helps a bit to increase load of your wordpress site by removing unnecessary javascript loading. There is certain other intensions to remove wordpress admi(...)

  • Prestashop – Show Product Combination / Attributes With Prices on product page

    Recently i found that prestashop do not add product prices with combination on product page like magento do, Its a good idea, sometime magento custom options look weired, but sometime its necessary(...)